A Message from the Developer

Creating a Community

 It all started in 2014 with a small dream, a dream that this community would be positioned in a place it has long deserved. When the old vacant public school became for sale, we saw an opportunity to revitalize this long standing community staple into a continued source of pride & benefit; A state of the art Township and Library. It was also our dream to provide the community with services that are well needed, services like a medical building where people can step in and conveniently have all their healthcare needs taken care of.

Now Lucan woods condo project, a project that comes as a completion of this dream and to our commitment to Lucan. Finally a Condo that offers a luxury living space for our residence; a place where they can downsize without leaving the community where they call home.


Lucan now offers serenity, convenience and affordability, truly is the perfect place to live, work and have fun.”

Mike Bosta